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Epiphone Telecaster

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I had someone hand me a guitar the other day that had a broken neck. At first, I thought it was a Telecaster until I noticed the Epiphone logo. Anyhow, I ended up removing the neck and the truss nut and seperated the headstock. The break is actually pretty clean along the scarf joint, but I was surprised when the truss rod slid completely out. Am I wasting my time with this one?

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Scarf joint?  Does it have an angled headstock?

Yeah, the break is right along it. The guitar isn't in bad condition but its not in the greatest. I've never seen a Epiphone Tele clone before, thats why I thought I'd ask here. I mean the whole truss rod slid right out!

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I have an epiphone strat with the same features, it was the first guitar i bought (and learned to play on). It also has an angled headstock and a scarf joint. Its a LOT heavier than a fender or squier strat. I know that has nothing to do with your problem with the neck, but i just figured id confirm the fact that epiphone has ripped off fender guitars too.

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