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transparent red on mahogany

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i´m doing that on my dc, i intended to spray it with tinted laquer, but the guy that is helping me told me that would be better to stain it and then spray it with laquer as the tinted laquer could look more red in some parts. Still haven´t decided yet...

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It's kind of hard to tell, but if they did use stain directly onto the wood, then I'd guess they diluted it quite a bit beforehand.

That's the 'ace in the hole' when it comes to staining directly onto wood, is the ability to dilute the stain down to the point where it really is just a 'slight toner' and not really a 'full-on stain' before actually wiping it on.

I've found that water stains really 'stand out', I call them the 'comic book colors' as they are really really colorful as compared to alcohol stains which I think are better for a more 'vintage antique' appearance, and preferrably blended with lacquer and shot on.

And guitars being what they are, unless you're building a sweet big-box jazz hollowbody, I generally like to use water-based stains for their 'stand-outedness', then come behind them when shooting lacquer with the alcohol stains mixed in with the lacquer for the 'slight antique toner' look...I generally wind up with a combination of both water-based for direct-wood applications, and alcohol-based or metallic stains for the toners.

If it was applied to the wood, I'd swear it was diluted significantly beforehand, else it would have been darker...

JM useless O... :D

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