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Fretboard Installition

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Hey, I have a BC Rich Neck that i just removed the freboard from and I want to install a new one. I ordered an Ebony fingerboard from Warmoth and jumbo fretwire. It's pretty much a blank except it has the slots for the frets and nut, how do i go about fitting it to the neck? and also I want to scallop the fretboard, should I do this before or after I've installed it to the neck? All help would be greatly appreciated! thanks! :D

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when i changed fingerboards just used a ruler to find the center of the neck at the nut and heel then used a long ruler to trace a line off each end, then use a square to continue that line on the wall of the heel? Is that clear? or kinda foggy? well... find the centerline of the neck in other words.. and use a square on the ebony blank and trace a centerline down the back and edges of that.

Scalloping would be easier before fretting cause then u don't have to tape them off, HOWEVER, then u might not leave enough, or leave to much for the frets to sit on, so it's probably safer to do it after u've fretted, but before u level and dress the frets. Just follow brians tutorial. Inlays should probably de done first as soon as u get the blank or right after u glue it on, before u radius.

and does anyone here use the stapple trick?i forget if i read that on this site or not?


get everything centered,



carve off the excess,



tape off frets,


level and dress frets,

buff? well if u wana

then.. :D

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hmm.. that sounds a bit more radical then the one i use. ok, found it, it was on the stewmac free info sheets under neck construction tips and techniques near the bottom http://www.stewmac.com/cgi-bin/hazel.cgi?a...reeinfo/fi.html

here's the exerpt.

Many builders use two pins in the fingerboard to keep it from slipping around on the neck when gluing it on.

Using a staple gun is a quick, simple method to insure that the fingerboard won't move when gluing. Put two staples in the back of the fingerboard-one between the first fret and the nut and the other between the last two frets. Don't try to sink the staple into the fingerboard completely, but leave 3/32" to 1/8" of the staple above the back surface of the neck. Then nip off the backbone of the staple with end nippers. This will leave two small spikes on each end of the fingerboard. Before gluing, properly locate and center the fingerboard on the neck and press down the two ends. This will make four small dents in the gluing surface of the neck and will aid in quickly aligning the fingerboard when the glue has been applied.

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