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Whats the difference between active & passive pups


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most active pickups have a tendency to be more "quiet" then passive ones cause (well at least the emg) have built in preamps that filter out some of the white noise. Boosting the signal with the preamp also means that they use significantly weeker magnets, which means less string pull, resulting in greater sustain and the added perk that u can put the pickup letteraly as close as u want to the strings. I beleive they also come in a wide range of tonal characteristics, ranging from gaggedly HOT!! (emg 81 for example) to the more civilized or "vintage" fender lace sensor pickups (can't remember the colour coding for them).

But definitly read over the emg site, and i'm sure u could find some info just running a search on google.

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yeah basically they are a medium output pickup with a preamp boost to similate high output.they offer a more balanced response than most passive pickups with almost no noise.what i like about them is the lack of background noise while playing at high volumes.and if youare a slayer fan as your login name suggests then the 81 is just about the only way to get the clarity and definition that they do.it doesn't allow the bottom end to stomp all over the rest of thr riff the way that passive pickups do.

i prefer them.and yes they come in all varieties.i have 81s, 85s,and s and sa and they are all excellent.

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Ok, thanks guys :D , I planned on getting EMGs and allmy guitars right now have stock EMG HZs, I wasnt sure what to get, but yeah, my type of music is death/thrash/black/heavy/and power metal, bands like Slayer,Pantera,Metallica,Megadeth,etc,etc, so Ill look into getting a set of 81s or a combination.

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