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Sunburst help

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pic doesn't seem to be working to great on my end, but i pasted the url in another window and it works fine :D looks cool, but sorry never done a burst :D

ah.... there we go, once again XP manages to make an ass out of me.. works fine now B)

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I can follow the link there, but for some reason it's not showing up.


Derek and I both have a reason to hate XP now. Now I can see it. Bugger Microsoft.


Anyway, from the looks of it you could stain the wood blue and then follow the directions for the poor boys burst to do the black edge. Then clear coat and you're done.

Here's the tut...


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I don't know about the blue sunburst but I do know it's not XP and most likely not MS. I'm using the supposedly bug-free, crashless, God-like Linux (yeah right) with Netscape and it does the same thing. Maybe it's something about the way the link/pic was inserted?

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you guys never actually read what I say do you LMAO!!!!!!!

I must have started my reply and had it open while you were posting yours. If you look at the times, they are pretty close.

I sometimes have to hide this window when my rude co-workers stop by my desk and prevent me from getting some real work done :D .

I see quite a bit of MS bashing in my line of work and try to straighten some of it out when possible.

Now, back to my real job B)

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