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Quilted/Flamed Maple

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I have been looking around for the past couple of weeks for some quilted maple and not one lumber store in my area (US Massachusetts or New Jersey) has any with good figure. I was thinking of buying it online but am a bit skeptical without seeing it first and on ebay the good pieces seem to run like 100 bucks. Anyone know anywhere I could get some good quality quilted or flamed maple online or on the east coast for a decent price?


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Well, normal lumber stores aren't really what your looking for for starters.

You're looking for more of a hardwoods specialty store, and I'd bet there's one near you, you just have to search it out. There may not be many, but I'd bet there's at least one close enough.

OTOH, I now buy on-line quite extensively, my local guy doesn't have the selection he used to carry years ago, and I had to adapt (at least for my fancy top woods)

If you are adept at doing on-line searches, which is an art unto itself, you'll find what you need. Be prepared to spend several hours searching, hunting, and bookmarking.

One of my regular e-Bay sources that has a good variety is Cook Woods, but there's lots more, and I have all my favorites bookmarked.

I have some for burls, some for nothing but Koa (all in Hawaii), some for Myrtle, some for figured Walnut (all on the West Coast), some for veneer, there's really tons and tons of sources out there. But you have to spend the time searching out what you want, it won't grow legs and walk to you. But it really is all out there at your disposal. And figured Maple would be one of the easier ones to find, it's pretty popular.

Look up Gallery Hardwoods for starters, he's a really great guy and has booked tops already cut and planed and ready to go if that's what your looking for.

But really there's tons of sources out there on-line.

It's all about the search engine and knowing how to do good detailed searches using the right words and leaving out the unnecessary ones that'll get you what you want, and the time put in searching...

But if I can buy locally, I always do, to be able to hold it and turn it myself, and to save on shipping fees...

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I guess I'll just have to keep looking. I have been doing searches but really am just a little weary of ordering a piece of wood that I haven't seen unless I know someone else has had some luck from the same store. This wood is for a guitar top. 1" thick bookmatched into 2 pieces a 1/2 inch.

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