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Double Cut Les Paul Symmetry

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while my current project cures from its nitro finish, i want start my next project. i was looking at something like a double cut lp. ok, so i am looking at pictures on the gibson site and it looks as though the horns on the upper bout are not symmetrical. its hard to definitely tell by the pictures i am looking at. there are no double cut lps to look at the local guitar stores here so i just wanted to verify that what i think i am seeing is true.

are the double cut lp horn's not symmetrical?

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Hamer uses the same shape, and it's definitely offset. I never really liked the look of, say, the old Melody Makers or the Ibanez Artist or the Yamaha SG series.

::singing:: Call me asymmetrical ...

The typical Ibanez Artist is NOT the one you reference in your post. Most do not have the short, pointed SG style horns. However, the typical Artists ARE still symmetrical. I love 'em. I own two that I have refinished in nitro, and I'm about to build my own as soon as Doug @ Soulmate finishes my neck(NO rush, Doug...take your time). But, like you, I also like the offset LP Special/Jr. look that Hamer and Ron Thorn use. Maybe I'll try one of those when I finish this one. OR, maybe I'll just build my own Black Limba Flying V next, not sure. :D

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I've got a LP Jr style guitar being made for a customer right now that is symetrical. Nice look really. Though the offset of the actual LP Jr is pretty slight, my preference would be the symetrical shape overall.


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Yeah, no symmetry. It's just that we're all so used to seeing right handed models and assuming that they are symmetrical, that when you flip it around into a lefty it looks way off.

Also, have you noticed that guitars that actually have symmetrical horns look like the upper horn is set too low?

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Wait a minute.....SG horns are NOT symmetric?? You're kidding me! I am not a SG fan so I've never even bothered to look at one close, but man....really?

Yeah they are different. I managed to sand one side with a soupcan wrapped in sandpaper. (FWIW, if you are ever sanding the lower cut on an SG, Campbell's soup is the perfect size! :D ) But the upper was a slightly tighter radius.

The Gretsch 6131 is one of the closest you'll find for a totally symmetrical double cut LP. It was designed from the LP shaped Gretsch White Penguin body, the only difference being the upper cut.

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The typical Ibanez Artist is NOT the one you reference in your post.

The Artist I was referring to is that body style. That particular guitar is the Bob Weir model, and I chose that one because it was the best pic I could find without spending too much time on it. :D

I'd say go with non-symmetry. I've seen some symmetrical guitars, lately, and personally, was turned off by them. God I miss my Hamer SATF!

Want to buy one?


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OOH, that's purtty. Wish I had the bucks. Mine was a flametop amber finish, and was one of the nicest guitars I've had out of 40 some guitars in my life. Alas, I had 4, needed only 3, had to trade one, for an amp upgrade. Sadly, this one was the only option out of the 4, for one reason or another. Got my money back out of it, though.

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There ARE only portion of guitars of all the guitars out there that are actually symmetrical.

It's just so wierd.. looking at symmetrical guitars.. I wanna just shave a part off if I see one...

Majorly I think it's because when you're playing the guitar.. the guitar isnt parallel to the floor, ur left (if ur a lefty, the right) hand on the fingerboard is always AT LEAST a little bit up than ur other hand..

I think that's why most guitars, having longer horns on the top, look more.. balanced in that position.

My theory. :D

Oooo I remember THIS one from GuitarWorld zine.



It's really neat.. and it's symmetrical. but not a full scale.. semi-hollow.. maybe thats why i like it even though it's symmetrical.. cuz its peculiar..

But to say that this was $3200... :D


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ok, well then... lets vote! if you were going to make a double cut lp style axe, would you go ahead and just make it the same (with the offset) or be a little different and make the horns symmetrical?

just curious to see what the consensus of preferences would be.

try this: make a full scale outline drawing of a lp body. pencil in a cut out on the upper body half (where the toggle is, but stay within the confines of the pattern) to complement or contrast the lower cutout. did this once with a pawn shop copy that was *&^%$# up ,therefore cheap, and it came out pretty nice looking.

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