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Stew Mac Postage To Australia

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Ok, I'm about to put in an order with Stew Mac, and I'm trying to figure out what the best way to get it here will be. I've browsed these forums and the wider internet, and found conflicting information. The order comes in at around $140AU. I can either get Postal Air Shipping (arrives in 2-4 weeks) for ~$30 or DHL Express Air shipping (arrives in 3-7 days) for ~$40. Now generally I'd much rather pay the extra $10 and get it sooner rather than later, but I'm having issues figuring out which is better in terms of customs duty and taxes. Having had a look at the Australian customs site, I think that it should cost me very little if not nothing, because the value of the goods is less than $1000... now this seemed to be conflicting with a lot of things I'd read on this forum and others about getting stuff imported. Here is the Australian customs site link that I'm referring to. I'm not sure whether I'm reading it wrongly or I'm missing some other information, but that doesn't seem right. Also, is that only if I get Postal Air Shipping as opposed to DHL? Can anyone offer some insight or anecdotal evidence to help me out?

Thanks :D

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I order heaps of stuff from overseas and one thing I have found with customs is they seem to make up the rules as they go along and you can't argue with them or they just send your stuff back.

I think your order will most likely not be picked up by customs, but make sure that it is under AU$1000 including post, cause if its not, you will need to go through a customs broker, which adds approx AU$400 in fees.

I learnt that the hard way.

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I don't get it either. I've bought stuff on eBay from America before, books and a junkload of guitar strings and stuff and I've never had any issues getting it in without paying customs fees. It's just I've read of some incidents both on this forum and others of people having to pay $50 processing fees as well as 5% minimum customs duty fees as well as %10 GST, and I'm looking to minimise such costs. Even Stew Mac advises that some of their customers have reported having to pay an additional 50% in customs duties when shipping with DHL!! Maybe I'll just give it a go and see what happens :D I want this stuff bad!

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Ive ordered stuff from Stewmac and Lmii and had excellent service from both

I paid for the express service and the goods arrived 5-7 days later

As far as paying customs, you shouldnt have to pay any duties as long as your combined cost dosnt exceed AU$1000

It all has to be worked out in Aussie Dollars

You buy goods from a supplier and the total cost works out to be say AU$600

then add to this figure Customs Duty @ 5% = AU$30

then add your postage (for arguments sake, say) AU$100

Total =AU$730

then add GST (=10%) AU$73

The Grand Total is AU$803, which leaves you under the AU$1000 threshhold and therefore no fees or duties would be incured

Check out this link to Aussie Customs


Hope this has helped


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the reason the initial shipping is so much is because the items have to be shipped in a contanier of size x, but if you only have a few items that will all fit inside that box of size x without adding too much weight they charge a base shipping price, eg ive had an order of bout 200 AUD, but it only cost me $40 odd dollars to ship (with DHL too, it was cheaper that way too) because it all came in the same box 1 larger item came in, and the rest of the stuff wasnt that heavy (bridge and tuners), and i have never paid customs fees(that i know of) and ive put 4 or 5 orders with stewmac,



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