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choses new humbuckers to replace EMG HZ's


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hey there,

i wana get rid of the EMG HZ's on my esp h301. i was gonna get the zakk wylde set, but i have been told that they cannot be coil tapped (i have a 5 way swithc on my guitar which i do not want to lose for a 3 way).

can anyone suggest a suitable alternative?

i was thinking maybe the di marzio evo's??


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hehe, i'm an EMG and dimarzio guy, so no worries from me scott.. yup, 89 is ur only choice if u want coil splittin unless u buy 2 81's and a 85 or something and rout for a middle humbucker. If u don't want to go active (maybe u don't have room for the battery in ur guitar??) the dimarzio X2N is a monster for the bridge holly rediculus output from a passive pickup batman, but the tonzone and dropsonic might also be to ur liking..

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