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Is there anyone that knows what is all used for sealalers and any alternatives to it?

In other words what is all used as sealer and what is it made off?

I ask this 'cos apperently none of the stores that i was looking for it never heard of it(me being where i am)

so i was wondering what could i use instead.


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Sealer could be defined as the first coat of -ANY- finish you apply to the wood.

The first coat will dry and stop up the pores so you can then start to build some sort of finish.


Every finish you can possibly name: Poly, lacquer, shellac, catalyzed lacquer, 2-part epoxy, CA glue, pore filler (to some extent) Titebond glue, you name it, the first coat on the wood of whatever it is you apply is 'the sealer coat'.

Now there are ehhh, 'preferred' sealers out there, such as shellac, sanding sealer, etc., but it's really up to you and your desired finish as to the appropriate sealer to use.

My sealer is lacquer, sometimes CA glue if I'm doing spalt.

Again, there is no product called 'sealer'. The sealer is the first coat you apply to the wood, and can be many many different products, depending on your wood and your finish and your skill level.

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ok, wait a minute... vinyl sealer can be used under poly? i normally use behlens vinyl sealer, under my nitro lacquer. i suspect behlens vinyl sealer and stewmac's vinyl sealer is the same thing. if it can be used that is good news for me because i have a body that i sprayed with vinyl sealer and just recently i have gained access to a spray booth at a auto body shop. so i may want to spray poly over it. are you talking 2 part poly?

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