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I Think I've Blown My Amp...


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Alright here's the situation...

I was playing today pretty loudly (almost max volume) and my tube amp decided to stop doing any sound whatsoever... Now it seems to work (channel switch and such work and power tubes are lit) but it does not make a sound at all no matter what I do...

I checked both the fuse and the speaker with an ohmmeter and both are still good...

What could the problem be?? Anyone has an idea?

Could it be repairable by my father (he's an electrician btw)??

Also, anyone knows where I could get the schematics for a Crate Blue Voodoo 60w combo (BV-60)?

I guess I could find a schematic for the 120w head, anyways...

Thanks guys!

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Impedence select switch, effect loop jack, main speaker jack, footpedal jack and standby switch all are culprits on those Crates. Turn volume way up on channel 2 and listen for the background hum. If not there, shut off and clean the imp. switch. SLM will be happy to supply you with a tech manual.

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