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Thanks for the help.I checked out photobucket but they require an e-mail address and right now I'm getting so much junk mail that I'm going to change my e-mail so I'm reluctant to give it away. Just thought that maybe there was a way to just attach a file to your post.

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hey, cats are cool...


You had to give an email to join here afterall. Some more savvy netters open their own yahoo, msn or something email account and use that...but then you have to give an email to get that, and I'd trust photobucket more...lol

Also, I have started using soundclick.com to host mp3 files for free. A bit of stuffing about to get them up there, but it's free...again you need to give email, but it's not visible if you don't want.

Anyway, welcome aboard and mind the claws... pete

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