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Starting New Guitar

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Well after re-doing all my other guitars about a billion times B) I'm finally starting a new project :D I'm going all out on this one.

It will be,

Mahogany body

Mahogany neck

Flame maple headstock overlay to match the body

Flame maple binding on the ebony fingerboard

Flame maple top

Maple stained in light amber with natural binding ala PRS

Unstained mahogany :D

More PRS style carve where it sucks in insted of bowing out like the one I did on the wenge guitar.

PRS HFS and Vintage Bass pickups with nickel covers

PRS style switching via a rotary switch

Nickel/chrome hardware everywhere

25" scale length

some king of cool inlay at the 12th fret (havn't decided on a design yet)

Pigtail wraparound bridge

Bone nut

Finished in high gloss (neck will be satin)

The deadline for this guitar is July 22nd. Tomorrow I will go and get the wood resawn/scarf jointed.

Here are a few pics of the wood. This is going to be one sweet guitar. :D


pic 2

pic 3

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And a crazy!short deadline to someone like me, who takes literally forever to get things done.

No kidding... but I get the feeling our Godin here is the hyperactive sort... :D Wish I could work that fast!

Of course, it'd help if I didn't change my mind every couple of days :D

heheh...if I actually didn't have other things to do, and/or didn't slack off and not build for months at a time, it would be very do-able. But sadly, life and circumstance and laziness conspire against me at every turn. Curses!

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Are you building this for someone or is it another one for your collection? Unless you already have the HFS/VB set, the Duncan Custom/59 set will sound just like it for half the cost.

I'm building it for the band Midnight to twelve.

Hence the crazy short deadline. I have to ship it by then to get it to them for their first concert of the summer/fall tour. They wan't it on stage for that first concert because there will be a whole bunch of photographers etc

but I get the feeling our Godin here is the hyperactive sort

nah I'm just super motivated and I have the opertunity now to work around six to eight hours a day, I'll probably get done before than as long as nothing goes wrong (famous last words :D )

and yes It will be the same shape as the wenge guitar. The band loved that thing.

Today I'm going to get all the resawing etc done. As soon as I have some progress I'll start an in progress thread. I feel like documenting it. I havn't documented a build since I first started building the mahogany/bubinga semi hollow.

Oh BTW, Thers enough wood in that mahogany for two bodies (with tops) and enough wood in the neck blank to make three necks (with scarf joints) And thats accounting for TONS of waste.

So all I need to do is buy anothe peice of maple or whatever top wood and I have enough for two guitars. B)


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