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Bob Benedetto Splits From Fender/guild (& Employment Opps!)

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It doesn't really say why, but I'd venture to guess that the quality of Bob's creations didn't match up to his standards. I could easily see people whispering into Bob's ear "these Guild Benedettos are embarassing....".

If you're looking for a luthier job in Georgia, they're taking applications:


I met Bob at a guitar show in Baltimore a couple or years ago, a really nice, classy guy. But I can imagine he doesn't suffer fools easily.

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Word is that Bob wasnt happy with the work coming out of the Fender/Benedetto workshop. He would only go out there a few times a month either. I seriously doubt they are looking for amatures to come work there and I doubt that Bob will be on hand much either, but I could be wrong. I imagine he is just trying to start up a similar operation where others do the work and he oversees things. Still would be a cool opportunity though,

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I find it hard to believe that none of you entry-level career luthier types aren't jumping at the chance to work with one of the masters.

Too much commuting :D

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