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Another Saga Thread

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Hey everyone,

New poster to this forum but i've been reading stuff here for a while. Finally gonna bite the bullet i think and start a saga T kit.

Now it seems that Brian is the man to get the kit from since an inspection before i get it will be a really good idea. However i have a couple of questions before i start.

1. I was thinking of stripping of the sealer on the body and the neck. Like guitarattack did on their Mattocaster.


They make it seem so easy, using a product called citrusstrip, but i've read, here and other places, that this sealer is so tough its not worth the hassle taking off. Does it really improve the tone? Also if i get the kit from Brian wont stripping the body remove the shielding paint?

2. What kind of a finish would your reccomend for someone who's never done anything like this before? I've been to Re Ranch and their aerosol products look tempting, especially since i don't have a spray gun.

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My personal uneducated opinion is that if you're going to paint it a solid colour, there's no point trying to take off their sealer. Sand it properly, but don't remove it. Removing it is only for if you plan on dying it, from what I understand.

Again, though, uneducated opinion. Someone can whack me if I'm wrong.


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I built one few months ago. Sry I don't have any pictures, I'm too lazy and selfish.

First of all.. You really don't want a natural look on these Saga guitars... especially the T-(eletcaster) and S-(elecaster) series.

The body I got was 3 piece basswood. The quality's ok, but I don't think showing 2 gluelines is really a thing of beauty, and they aren't even bookmatched... (well.. it's a basswood)

Second, that sealer is very useful for solid painting. I painted primer on mine, and I suggest you paint primer first too, if it's your first time. Color coat on the sealer works, too, if you want to save $.

The hardwares are real junk. From the bridge to tuners. You might want to order some cheap parts to go along with it. GuitarFetish at eBay and choppers music on ebay have some decent quality at good prices.

I plan to redo mine throughout this summer. Make it semi-hollow, 2 buckers, new neck, and adding a top.

Also, you don't necessarily have to go far as ordering online when you can simply go to your local hardware store (Ronas, HomeDepot, CanadianTire --> is my fav.) I sprayed mine with automotive spray. I also added some graphics on mine using.. the word slipped outta my mind.. the thing where you cut the shape on certain paper and then just spray on it.

Personally I hate the neck. Everything about it. The contour, the fingerboard, the frets, etc.

I have yet to decide if it was worth it. After all, you don't really learn much except on finishing part of the guitar. Which is just for looks. The quality of the guitar is fixed, not much to improve on it, unless you invest some $$ and upgrade hardwares and some further woodworking.

Good luck,


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Hey, I'm a newbie and I just got a saga kit for practice too. B) Getting ready to paint mine, so when I finish then I'll let you know how it turned out. Gonna try the bullseye design. :D

PS. shouldn't this be in the finishing category instead of solid body guitars? :D

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finally something i know about!!!! ok so i know my way around the saga kits lol.. iv done ... acouple lol anyways you can just sand them down with a reall fine sand paper and paint over them, that guy was trying to dye the fret board and if u want to do that sand it with reall fine sand paper and then wipe it off

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