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Pigtail Wraparound (quick) Question

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So in this topic you guys talked about intonation and setup of the bridge.

I've never seen one in real life due to the lack of PRS guitars in my local Long&McQuade shops

Anywho, I need to know if the neck should be angled like a T.O.M.? I'm guessing not, because the bridge "seems" low in many pictures I've seen, but not sure.. So I need to see the green light. Anybody wanna confirm/"show" me?

Thhhaaankkk YOU in advance!

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I haven't used one either, but I'm betting you need a neck angle or the neck 'raised' out of the pocket more than standard for bolt-ons.


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I’ve used it once, but that guitar is sold. Don’t remember the exact angle but it was in the range of a TOM. Like Mattia said, by it and measure the bridge. Then draw it out full scale and measure the angle.

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You'll need 1-1/2* or 2* of angle. It will depend on how low you set the neck into the body. Basically the closer the last fret is top the top of the body, the more angle required. However, the difference should be small.

Be sure to measure the space where the bridge will be to make sure there's enough room to lower the bridge a little. Use a straight edge resting on the fingerboard.


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