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Plexi Glass

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i know this is a really stupid question, but... is plexi glass very good for templates for cavities? (pickup and control) i know everyone says it works well, but my dad with 25+ years experience with wood working and routers says it prob wouldnt be very good. what is your opinion? thanks.

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Plexiglas is a brand just as lexan is. They all come in different grades depending on how they are manufactured. Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lexan, Chemcast, Lucite, etc are all brands of the same type material. If any of these chip it because they are likely extruded and not cast formed. They all should work fine.


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If you must have a transparent template material use cast Acrylic.

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I used it to make templates.

It worked great, just be careful how you cut it.

I kept craking the sheets if I rushed it and drilled it too fast.

I cut it with a hand-held jigsaw and it was slow as the plastic would melt and I would have to re-cut the line I was cutting on.

Once I cut the plastic, I used a sanding drum in my drill press to take the plastic right upto the line I scribed onto the plastic.

I had it on medium speed and went slow.

It worked like a charm and I will not need to buy a template again.

Patience my friends... and a little money to buy extra pieces when you mess up.

That's the fun part of all this building!

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