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Have/would You Buy Lumber On Ebay?

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Hello! I was perusing ebay and they seem to have quite a bit of good looking woods for considerably cheaper than I expected to pay (cheaper/smaller quantities than the local hardwood distributor and definitely cheaper than some place like stewmac.com). I was also looking at some boards for non-guitar type projects (e.g. I want to build some bedroom furniture and I found some beautiful figured cherry on ebay).

Do you think it's a good idea to buy wood this way? Have you had any experience with this?

What sort of things should I really look out for?


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Hi. I have bought some ( Archery Bow Riser, ie. the handel section ) riser blanks off ebay. Curly maple and what not. Iv had no problem at all. Just be sure to ask all questions first and if you are concern about something as for a pic of the spot.

only problem i see is paying for shipping. heh, wood is heavy.

BUt its a valid option. Im lucky to have a lumbar yard near by. BUt they just dont carry some stock all the time. Iv also bought wood from specialty places on the net for real figured stuff.

Only advantage buying from stewmac is you know you gonna get a good peice of tone wood. or id hope so anyhow. so you pay a little extra but no gambel. Its up to you i say give it a try.


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I've bought a spalted maple carve top billet to be resawn, a SUPER flamed Koa carve top billet for resaw (which I got for the AMAZING price of $40!!!), and a flamed maple Gibson style neck blank (no scarf). I was very happy with both the maples listed above. And I'm sure I'll be extatic about the Koa when it actually finally gets here (hawaii takes awhile sometimes...)


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I think you will find several E-bay dealers with great reputaions. Chuck @ Durawoods is almost legendary. Be a little more careful with dealers you are not famiiar with. Might be good to ask the guys around here if they have dealt with the dealer and how they felt about the wood when they recieved it. This board is full of wood nuts (myself probably being one of the few exceptions as I only buy what I need at the moment :D ).


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:D Uh...everyone keeps mentioning durawoods, but I can't find it. Looked on ebay, used google, and still can't seem to find it. Anyone happen to know a link?
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