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Refinishing over a polyurethane finish


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First, I am new! Jehle sent me..... B) and others may recognise me as Madbrokentoaster from the Guitarist forum.

I have an old Squier strat and from what I have read I am guessing it is a polyeurothane finish. I was wondering firstly how to paint over this type of finish as I hear removing it is impossible. I am thinking about using the Borax swirl (http://snow.prohosting.com/drdyper/Boraxswirl.htm) finish over a black primer using blue and purple paints.

My guitar is already black, can I just use that as the base colour or is a primer necessary?

If not does anyone know a UK brand of suitable black primer?

Does anyone know a UK brand of suitable oil based paint?

Is it possible to get mettalic oil based paints for use with the Borax swirl method?

What UK brand of clear finish should I use, preferably in a spray can as I only intend to finish one guitar? I would prefer a simple to use finish as I have limited space/rescources (basicaly I am a teenager who lives with my parents and if i cover my dads garage in paint/varnish I am in trouble!) Can anyone recomend a tutorial on how to polish the type of finish that is recomended?

I really appreciate your time.

Tom :D

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i know pretty much nothing about finishing at this point.. but i'm guessing your going to have to sand thru the clear coats down to the black, then you can just work as if you were just adding another colour over the black like if you were tapping off the black for an effect paint job when the guitar was first painted... at the very least ruff up the clear.... 400grit??

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Welcome aboard. I've done several Fender repaints over the poly. I love that it's rock hard and is a perfect base for painting over with a kustom finish. I believe that it's not a major deal as far as tone, others may disagree. Anywho, you want the primer to have a good bond with the old paint. I use a random orbital sander and 120 grit to rough up the surface. Wipe the body with lacquer thinner first to remove any wax and oils. After sanding it dull (hand sand the edges and contours) wipe off (thinner or a wash prep) you can spray your primer. If rattle can, build up slowly, but get enough build if you want to sand. I let it dry a day or longer and dry sand with 400 grit to smooth. I know nothing about the paint process you described, but this will get you to the primer stage. Good luck and post pics.

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If it was me. I'd just rough up the surface like others have suggested and since you want a black background, just make sure you don't sand down to primer and use the original paint as your black background. Then I'd just proceed with the Borax swirl tutorial as it shows. Then finish up with some nice glossy clear coat. But that's me, and I'm not a painting guru by any stretch of the imagination. That's just what I'd do if it was my guitar.

Matt V

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