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Oak and Pine

Jon Bell

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we just had a big discusion about oak so just read this thread


pine.... i have no idea really, but i'm guessing it's to weak, warpy, and just may not be a good tonewood. Basswood is fairly similar to it, and it's fairly cheap aswell.

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Pine is a soft wood and therefore is not suitable for use in a guitar, but i`d love to give it a try some time, but oak is ok for a guitar, although it does have some side effects,

1/ Oak is a fairly unstable wood - it likes to warp!

2/Oak is hard to finish due to the rough wide grain.

i have use some oak in both of my guitars very succesfully(not for necks , just as body laminations)


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My uncle has offered me some 100+ year old heart pine floor boards. Not enough to do a body, but a neck possibly. He's restores houses for a living, and keeps little bits of neat wood like that to make his own projects or add to his own house.

I have a feeling that most pine isn't dense enough for guitars. But, heart pine is dense so it might work better.

I feel an experiment coming on. :D

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