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16" Tune-o-matic Or Wraparound Bridge

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Get a small piece of plastic (or something that will hold it's form) the same front profile size as your TOM and use a piece of string and a pencil to draw a 16" wide circle (attaching it to something larger helps). You will now have a perfect guide to adjust your saddle string height radius at the bridge. Just string 'er up and raise the height of your TOM so that the first and sixth strings are "at height". Use a file to increase the slot size in the saddles of the 2nd/3rd/4th/5th strings by lifting them out and taking them down a bit at a time till they touch your radius template. Remember to polish and smooth the saddles to reduce breakages and to check your intonation!!

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without having them custom made you wont find a 16' radius on a T.O.M

as far as the chrome finish you would only file the slots

wich in time will remove the finish anyway

and Prostheta's jig idea sounds great

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