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Refinishing A Washburn


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I want to refinish this guitar because the existing finish is dull and lifeless. After sanding it all off and preparing the wood, what do you guys think I ought to do with it? I want wood tone and natural feel, but after that I'm open to suggestion.

Would the black stain/sand back/color stain method be of any use on Alder? The grain's nice, but not spectacular. I don't have a spray unit, so it's all going to have to be rubbed on. It's a great guitar and I want it to stand out, so any suggstions are welcome. Keep in mind I haven't finished a guitar yet, but I learn quick, follow directions well and have patience.

Suggest anything, I'm open.

Here's another picture.

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I don't think it looks too bad the way it is now :D Maybe you could sand it down and grain fill it, then just leave it natural.

A burst is always an option, as well. I've always been partial to my superstrats having a nice dark burst. Hell if I could do one on my own project, though, hahahaha

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OOOOOOOHHHHH!!! Any tutorials on how to do it? THAT'S cool.

A buttload of pinstriping tape, wood dyes, and a hell of a lot of patience/nerves :D

But damn.... if it ain't a beaut. I don't think I'd EVER be able to make something like that, hahaha. Makes me want to jump into my '41 Plymoth and play some rockabilly!

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Screw pinstriping tape!

A sign writer could print out 3 sheets, one for the two sides, so that the middle part of the flame can be painted, then apply the middle sticker and work your own way out to stan the sides..

Well thats how i would do it anyway.

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Pinstriping tape allows you to flow your curves more naturally by feel during application, which is why auto artists really ARE artists in that respect. A signwriter would need to be designed in CAD or whatever. Either way works well, so whatever suits best :-D Pinstriping tape is nice and cheap however!

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