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Jackson Peghead Template?

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do you have any kind of cad software?

I don't use any kind of those.

Anyway I found a .svg image on en.wikipedia.org under the "Jackson guitars" statement!

Hope this information will help other ppl :D

c ya

Nice find, i print screened and it's to scale.

Been looking for that one for ages, and i really couldn't be stuffed taking parts off my jackson to get an acurate template.


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if you go to the bottom of the page of the full size headstock template you'll see a jackson guitars link and then a headstock link. the headstock link takes you to a page with a bunch of headstock shapes in the same format as the jackson one. my printer is dead at the moment, so i can't print to see if they are good for scale templates. anyone able to print??? sorry if this has already been discovered in the past.

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Just a small stupid question.. Is tuner placement, holes dirlled in the headstock.. absolutely essentially need to be in a certain position? or can you just do as you wish and place the holes anywhere? I mean I know certain locations provide less strain on the nut, but for desiging purposes Im wondering if theres any exact locations they should be?

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Exact location, no - not really. As long as the tuners can rotate without fouling each other or the headstock itself (I bet it's been done!) and as Marzocchi says - with as straight a string pull as is practical. Here's how I placed the tuners on my bass headstock. You can see the string paths drawn onto the wood, allowing for the tuner posts having a width also. I allowed a little more for the lower strings :-D Also, when doing this - make sure the tuners won't overlap on the back of the headstock for when you mount them! I staggered mine which works nicely.


How about this as an example of how Jackson lay out their tuners on headstocks? Not exactly straight string pulls, but the tension looks fairly even both ways from the two low to the four high strings. A small dab of Titebond would keep that but in there nice and sweet.

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