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Near-finished Project Will Not Intontate For The Life Of Me

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I have started a project which may be more than I can chew, but I want to get it done anyways. I have a Fender Heartfield Talon. It's just like an early 90's RG. Specifics aren't all too important other than what I'll mention.

I'm converting it from FRII to complete hardtail. I filled in the route and bought a Hipshot Hardtail bridge. The plan is to make this a string-through-body guitar. I have all the equipment needed to complete the project (ferrules, bridge, replacement nut), but I think I screwed something up. I had all the necessary holes drilled, installed the hardware, stuck some strings on and went to tune up. Every fretted note was sharp as bloody hell, so I definately got some measurements wrong with bridge placement. I believe it's a scale-length issue. The guitar is originally a 25.1" scale length, I've been told. I made the best measurements I could in order to match the 25.1" scale, but it seems like this guitar REALLY wants to be 25.5". I just could not move the saddles back far enough to get the guitar intonated.

So I now have a guitar converted from FRII to hardtail that will not intonate. Is there a simple way/measurement I can make that will help me figure out exactly what scale length this guitar is supposed to be? I am prepared to fill in the already-drilled holes and remeasure/redrill new holes as necessary, so I know I'm not totally screwed. Just need help with measurements.

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Yes, there is a very quick and easy way for you to tell what's going on here.

Measure from your nut to the center of your 12th fret. Double that, and you've got your scale length. :D

You should get EXACTLY the same distance from nut-12th fret as 12th fret to the high E on your bridge.

See THIS LINK for more specific information reguarding exact placement of your bridge that may help you.

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