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Stewmac radius sanding block

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Hi all, after many weeks of forum-abstinence (I hear you saying "Who cares?") I'm back with another of my "Stoopid questions"®.

Can I use a Stewmac radius sanding block with normal sandpaper without buying the expensive self-adhesive sandpapers they sell?

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i like using double stick tape cause then i can just concentrate on the fingerboard, not weather or not the paper is slipping off the block, but this also means that the sandpaper is only good for one board, cause once you try to take it off the block it kinda ruins the paper especially if it's 600 grit +

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I'm new here, and I'm about to build a guitar. I'm 14 with limited resources and a lot of freakin time. Anyway, I'll probably be askin a bunch of question for the next little while, so bear with me if they've been asked before. I'll do my best to find them, but I might ask them again if it's not clear or I don't see it. Anyhow, kinda on topic, to radius a fretboard, can you just keep it flat, and then sand it with the radiused block. Also, if that is proper, is it possible to make a compound radius with the radiused blocks.


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