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Opinions on soon to be 1st homemade guitar?

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I'd like to ask someone how, well..frankly, knows what their doing (cuz i sure don't).

To go over some measurements. And make sure its all good.

I have each part seperated also (one for body, one for neck, one for headstock), if needed.

My plans:

Ibanez RG body

Basswood preferred, but it depends on what I win on ebay :D, Poplar/Alder are options

25.5" scale

24frets, Ibanez Wizard style neck

Maple neck, maybe a stripe of some wood to add sturdyness, rosewood board(maybe ebony)

Hum-Hum (Dimarzios, mid position coil split)


Original Floyd Rose

3+3 inline Jackson style headstock (anyone know how in the world to do that to make sure the strings are in line? I *REALLY* like that look).

Color: Depends on what I end up. I might just paint it a 'goth black'. Or more than likely, get flamed maple veneer and apply it to the body and headstock, and then dye it black.

Opinions? Corrections? How long do you think it would take to build something like this?

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well i'm not much of a cad guy so no help there :D but the design looks pretty good, everything seems to be there. I would recomend going with poplar over basswood.. it's much harder and won't dent as easily, it also seals a bit easier when you first start your painting. however it's a bit harder to cut and route... so.. just something to think about

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