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Ibanez Pr 2660

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I recently got a friend of mine to part with his PR 2660 so that I could take it for a test drive in the hopes that I would like it enough to take it off his hands. However, I've got a couple problems that I was hoping someone might be able to help me with:

1) The bridge is only a Licensed Floyd and not a true Floyd. I realize that this is a whole other topic all together but I was hoping someone could provide me a link for a setup tutorial. There is considerable fret buzzing going on all over the fretboard that I need to correct and this is my first experience with these bridges.

2) Does anyone have a reference for the guitar specs? ie. body type, pickup specs, etc..

3) Anyone have any experience with these or know someone that does and can offer some tips or advice?

Thanks in advance!

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I can't find that model on the Ibanez website. I'm going to make a couple of assumptions though. 1. It's probably a high end model because it is in the 2000's and the higher the number the higher the quality with Ibanez. 2. Ibanez creates their own trem designs but use the same basic concept of a Floyd Rose, so I don't think is a licensed Floyd Rose but an Ibanez trem licensed under Floyd Rose. There is an entire set up of a floyded guitar tutorial on Ibanezrules.com I think.

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You got yourself a Ibanez Pro Line 2660?

Does your guitar look like this or like this this.

Doesn't really matter for trem set-up.

In both cases your guitar probably has Ibanez Edge trem on the guitar. A tremolo equal in quality to the Original Floyd Rose.

From reading your post it seems the whole guitar needs a good set-up.

Read here on everything you need to know about setting up a Floyd equipped quitar.

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Yeah, the one I have is a black version of the Rhodes body. I read the same thing that Ibanez did their own bridges but there are no distinguishing marks or logos from Ibanez on the bridge to specify that. I guess its just the same for every company that buys a license for the Floyd.

That Ibanez setup page is great. Thanks for the feedback!

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Just one more question:

When I'm playing I can notice an echo through the body. I traced it to the springs for the Floyd and when I put my hand on it the ringing stops. Any recommended home remedies to use for this while playing? I was thinking a little foam padding but once again I'm open to suggestions.

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