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Hey guys! Been saving up for a new router for a while (well, i lie... two).

I'm looking at getting a new 1/2" beast for the router table (fed up of the cheap POS in it at the mo) and a new little 1/4" for doing pickup cavities and hand work etc...

The 1/4" is sorted and should arrive soon. But i was wondering what models people recommend for 1/2" ones? Bare in mind i'm in britain so need a 240v version!!



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: No idea for the 240v.

could you get some kind of adapter that would let you use a 110v .

like a voltage regulator if there is such a thing available in britain.

ask around there must be other guitar builder in Britain see what they use.

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there are a lot of good routers out there suitable for use in a table, how much money have you saved ?

ive been routing for years and you have to go a long way to beat either trend or bosch..

but both use different systems for attached guides etc so if you go with one - stick with them.

the trend T11 is great because it fits via a quick release mechanism into the trend pro router table - but that combo will set you back a cool £550 or so!

the difference is clear however between good and bad routers, the collets, the stability of the shaft, the reliability of the bearings and the power of the motor is not always 'relative' to its the claims of the individual router.

for example - you can buy a silverline POS router for £45 which has a 2000 watt motor - stack it up against the same Trend router and you will soon realise that the power figures have been fudged somewhere along the way - someone may know why this is, but I dont.

I recently bought a trend T3 (550w) for light work and found that it had more power than a B&Q special rated at 1200w!

sorry if im teaching you to suck eggs mate but pay the money - get the quality if you possibly can - some brands to consider.




Bosch -they also make a fixed base router



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1. Consider Porter Cables, yes, 110v version

2. get a second-hand and/or jobsite converter for the 110v - all UK construction sites use 110v power, some legal issue, so the converters are easy to find.

Seriously, I have a good quality Bosch router (POF 900 ACE), but since getting my Porter Cable 690 (Variable speed, soft start is a must!!), I rarely use it. 1/4" collet only gets used for jobs that require bits that don't come in 1/2" (fine-tuning pickup cavities and truss/CF rods are about it, really), since the 1/2" adds a lot of stability.

Considering you can find PC's, reconditioned, on eBay for about a quarter of that 240 quid figure, it's worth checking out. Brought mine back last time I visited the states, and I'll be getting at least one more PC in the near-ish future, either another 690 (with both bases), or an 890 (bit more oomph for the table).

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