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Question About Tremelos

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I am looking (soon) to have a custom Zero Resistance (Ibanez) tremolo made for me. As you may (or may not) know, the ZR trem is a 6 string trem. Well I want to have a 7 string made.

Okay here is my question.

How much tension will a 7 string tremolo (Minimum and Maximum) see? Please convert to PSI. Thanks!

ROCK ON ! ! ! :D

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Dude, if you can't even be bothered to google 'string tension calculator', f'r instance, and are stupid enough to admit it, you're unlikely to get much help.

I translate for about 15 hours a week (income), work 40-49 for no pay (internships), spend 10 commuting, and find time on weekends and evenings to remodel the house, fix up the shop, plan and occasionally even build a guitar or two.

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Dude, chill... people here don't mind answering honest questions and helping people who need it, it just rubs EVERYONE the wrong way to have someone say "Here's a very simple question, but I don't care enough to look up the answer, so I expect you guys to tell me without any arguments or backtalk." That's just not reasonable.

If you respect the people on this board, then you'll get some respect, too, and you'll have a lot better chance of actually getting questions answered when you need it.

Incidentally, you can find out just about anything on the net, and the tension in a guitar string isn't anywhere near as random as you'd have to get to make it a hard answer to find.

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