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40" Maple

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Where are you located? I would open the phonebook and look for lumberyards in your area. Maple's fairly common, and 40" inches isn't that long. It's just a fair amount to mail.

Heck, I've even seen decent maple at Home Depot on occasion.

I assume this is for a neckthrough? Do you need the full 40" in once piece, or would scarf jointing a your headstock allow you to use the 36" piece you say you've found?

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I've gotten some good deals off of ebay. Some were from soundat11, who's closing up. You could buy strips from him to laminate the neck. Another guy was up in Canada. You can always check some of the sources mentioned in previous forums or in the supply section of the main web page. Good luck! :D

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Eastern MA, eh? I just went to Boulter today and picked up stuff for my neck, maple and walnut.


I dunno where you live, Eastern MA/RI is kind of a general search area, but if Somerville isn't too far, they'd be worth checking out.


And yes, my pieces were for a neckthrough, 44" long, on a 20% discount *dance dance*

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