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In addition to that, I think there wolud be a risk of breaking the Fretboard when you slot it and push the frets in the slots without having the fretboard glued to the neck, as well as transportation problems, since I imagine the fretboard being more fragile in the fret areas because of the thinner wood.

so long


/€dit: btw, Hi Bill ;-)

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the only way i could imagine it being possible is if you had frets with really small tang's.... so the neck wouldn't backbow, and use glue to keep them in since there's be little/no resistance, shaping the fingerboard isn't that bad other then the compatability issues... and shipping... well if you used some good glue under the frets... just sthip in a long thin box with foam wraping, a sticker that says DO NOT BEND, and maybe a peice of straight scrap lumber inside to keep it straig for when the "throwers" handle it during shipping.

but it's still not the greatest idea.... either get just the slotted freboard, or get the entire neck...

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