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Newbie To Wiring.


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Hey there all. Consider me a complete and utter novice here. Basically i've bought myself a red lace sensor pickup.... and i'm going to be wantin just that single lone pickup on the guitar. Can anyone explain in nursery rhyme fashion how this would need to be wired up... pot suggestions... etc. I plan on having 1 vol and 1 tone aswell... and thats it.

Hopefully i haven't ruined your day with such a mundane question.

Cheers people.


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im pretty sure lace is a passive pickup, which means that you dont have to use a 9v battery to power it. (if you do, then you have an active pickup)

with passive pickups you typically want to use 500K pots. if your using active, use 250K.

guitarelectronics.com has every wiring schematic possible.. and their diagrams are the easiest to follow anywhere.

in short, you want to find your lead or 'hot' wire from your pickup and connect that to the lug of the pot. find your ground wire and solder that directly to the casing of the pot.

take another wire, attatch that to the ground you just made, and then solder the other end to your bridge (or tremolo claw).

other helpful links:


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CMA's generally got it right.

And for the Red Sensor, 250k pots should do it.

But keep in mind that it's not just a matter of "active" vs. "passive." That's not going to always work as a guideline. The pot value is dependent on inductance and resistance rather than "active vs. passive". Which is why even in the passive world, you can use different pot values for different applications.

Only going by memory, because Google isn't helping me at all-- but Duncan LiveWires use 100k pots, and Lace Transensors (incl. Alumitone) use different pots as well (can't remember the value).

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well pretty easy just select what kind of sound do you want.... if you want it brigth use a 500k pot... if you want a normal fender tone use a 250 k pot as for tone you will need a capacitor (polyester prefered) gibsons use .047 micro farads (μf) and fenders .022 micro farads (μf) dont worry for this ... just ask for them at radio shack ....

there is no more to it ... just where you will mount the pickup ..... i dont know bout the lace colors but i think red is for the bridge

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Can anyone draw me a simple wiring diagram consisting of one single coil pickup (red lace sensor bridge), 1 volume pot, one tone pot, and capacitor for tone pot linking upto jack input please? I'm gonna hve a nightmare til i can see exactly how this works.. i've never soldered a guitar before.. lol

It would be much appreciated... i'll send you a free copy of my first album for the efforts... 18 tracks :D

Thanks people.. you have been ever so kind thus far.


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Well last night i went for it.. lol.. And it's all wired up now,.... strung... and even did some recording with it last night.. lol. Sounds sweeeeet! Am just waiting on one tiny thing for the guitar now.. when that arrives i'll post pics somewhere of the guitar B) Basically it cost me £10, and i've spent £45 on it.. lol. before and after pics of course... :D

Samba... if you want a copy of the album for that help PM me your address... http://www.myspace.com/neurosync for 4 clip tracks *two on there are new and not on the first album mind :D* Your help was much appreciated. Cheers.


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