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Just Finished One Of Those Byoc...

Thoughtless 7

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I have been a/bing the large beaver with one one the sovtek big muffs and i have to say the BYOC pedal kicks its fat green arse!

I am really impressed with the sound quality on these kits - although obviously part of that comes down ot how well you put it together

Mine also came with vibe-o-tronic and never took mroe than a couple of days

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cool! I've seen the kits before but didn't know that there was a UK distributer. I've got a dead Vox swell pedal which I'd like to change into a wah...my Bad Horsie doesn't really do it for me, however, I can't find any info on the pedal & I'm worried that I might end up destroying a collectors item. I really doubt it but it would be just my luck. It is built differently to any others that I've seen & has a bizarre linkage system inside for controlling the turn of the pot which might prevent me from using the BYOC kit.

Thanks for the heads up, if I ever run out of other projects I'll try out one of the kits.

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