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Control Cavity Cover

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I just use either 6mm or 12mm bit and have the shank of the bit run along the template.

Oh and i also use two templates, one for the cavity, one for the cover recess.

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Use a pattern bit with a bearing above the cutter, and make your template deep enough that the bearing will follow the pattern and the blade will only cut into the body the desired depth.

As in this pic which I borrowed from routerbits.com ... but with a thicker template.


[Edit: Oh, did you mean, how do you use templates to cut both the cavity recess and the cover? I asked that one myself not too long ago... I ended up making a template for the cavity, another for the recess for the cover (since I didn't have appropriate-sized bearings for using one template to cut the cavity and the recess), and a third for the cover itself, then just fine-tuned the cover by hand sanding it.]

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I make a template for the cover recess using the cover I've made. Then I use a piece of muti-laminate plywood to make my template taller. Then the pattern bit bearing can ride on the template while I cut the slight recess for the cover. I then free-hand draw the inside control cavity leaving a shelf for the cover and bump-outs for the cover screws. I use a #11 exacto knife on the line. I hog out most of the cavity with a forsner bit. Then cut to the exacto line about the depth of the follower bearing. Then I route the cavity with the pattern bit just to clean the cavity up.

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