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got veneer

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i got like 19 pieces of 6x12.

i dunno. depends how much you want.

prollyj ust a couple bucks more than shipping.

I'll prolly keep a few sheets to practice finishing for myself.

should say..that i either the pic was edited or the lighting was really bright.

the actually veneer is darker. more reddish. will prolly need bleaching for certain colors.

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That's great veneer.

You could do a 'pie-plate' with it.

Make the bottom (base) of the neck pocket the centerpiece of the 'pie', and cut your pieces triangular, fat (about 4-5 " wide) at the bottom and thin (about 3/4") at the point.

It looks great. It's my spinoff design from the 'complete pie plate' which is completely round and used on tabletops.

You'd love it.

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