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Neck Laminations

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Ok I laminated a new neck and it's almost ready, in fact i could glue up the wings right now if it wasn't for a small problem: I laminated a 3 pieces neck, purpleheart, mahogany, purpleheart, so, they measure : 2.1 cm, 2 cm, and 2,7 cm, usually i like to have like all 3 sides of the same width or , have the outer pieces wider than the center one, but of the same width ( Ex. Pupleheart 2,5, mahogany 2cm, and purpleheart 2,5 cm) , my question is, does it affect the neck lamination in any way that one of the outer laminates is wider than the other one? ( the other purpleheart one) I don't joint my necks, i always take them to a wood shop and i'm around to explain the guys what to do, this time, this happened... I don't wanna add stringers like a bc rich, i mean, that would be a solution, i could have the other side paned to 2,1 cm, add stringers to compensate width and that'd be cool, but i really don't wanna do it... Thanks guys

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I laminated a 3 pieces neck, purpleheart, mahogany, purpleheart, so, they measure : 2.1 cm, 2 cm, and 2,7 cm

:D I feel bad for you, filing and sanding all that purpleheart. You couldn't pay me enough to do that job B)

hahaha, purpleheart is not that bad!! I just use a rasp to carve purpleheart necks and a spokeshave, i don't think it's THAT hard :D sanding it is way harder though...but still :D

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I just did some conversions on a neat little page Jon linked to that does all that fun stuff in metric to imperial. And I was just curious what your final neck width will end up? If you add the 2.1+2+2.1 obviously you get 6.2cm-into inches is 2.44094. My crappy ibanez neck is about 2 3/16 inches. If you were planning on this type of neck you actually keep a regular center line in the middle of your middle laminate. But you must make sure what you are planning on and if that will work in your plans. 2 3/16" is around 5.56 cm So you'll be removing around 1/4 inch total between both sides at the widest part/heel.

Anyhow, just throwing out some math for ya, just in case. See what your other necks are and if you have an Ibanez, you might even have one at 2 3/16" and if you made it the same size at those you could still use the center of the middle lamination as you centerline, I believe. Just a thought, hope you get it all worked out and I bet this will be one cool neck, best wishes man. J

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