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What Design Do You Like?

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to decide on a design... I bought some walnut and spalted maple. I was originally intending to use the spalted maple for my neck, but after some research, decided that doing that would make my neck prone to weakness due the rot. I didn't want to waste the spalted maple though and I definitely want to use the walnut as the primary top, so I have come up with a few ideas. The spalted maple would be a laminate right underneath the walnut. The walnut would blend into the maple below it.

I am personally leaning towards the design with the maple under the electronics and at the horn.

Also, if you have any alternate suggestions for using the two effectively in tandem, please give me some ideas.

These are just some rough mockups I did in photoshop. Let me know what you think.







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If you do that Alembic shape, and you put the spalt under the walnut, I would think you're going to see more of it than any of those pictures suggest - I'd imagine you'd see it showing up a bit around all the curves and a fair bit around that "heart" in the bottom as well.

Personally, I'd like to see sort of like an SG type bevel (maybe not quite as "sharp") revealing just a little bit of spalt around the whole perimeter of the body. The thickness of this banding could vary with the carve, but it'd look nice. That's just me though.

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from the second pic I assumed that you were going to drop in the spalt rather than have it under the top...that would look nice. I personally like #3 best, the top horn & control area have a nice balance to them...but as j.pierce said it wouldn't work by putting the spalt under the walnut. I'd suggest removing the wlanut from those areas & cutting the spalt to fit. Adding a thin black accent would look great, a lot of work but would be a nice, original touch.

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Yes spated maple on the neck would be a desaster waiting to happen different density in different places...

Picture 1 is nice and simple (always a good thing) but I'd tweek the top horn a bit on that one

Picture 2 is a good solid generic design but

Picture 3 is much nicer and worth the additional work, its very nicely balenced

Picture 4 is a bit fussy and when being played the players arm would obscure the additional spalted accent anyway.

I agree with everyone else drop in the spalted maple rather than carve back to it.

Best of luck and I look forward to seeing the end result

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