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Fret Leveler


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Hey guys,

I recently had to level the frets on my LP project and I had one of these sitting around from my RC airplane building days.

easy touch sander

Works great with adhesive backed sandpaper, its light, and it has a nice handle. If you look through the web site, they have them in several different lengths (I also have the 22" one). When I put my straight edge on it, it was dead flat, but if it wasn't you could easily true up the bottom edge on a flat surface with some sand paper. Like you would do if you tuning the sole on a hand plane.

Anyway, it was something I hit on that worked and it was reasonably priced so I thought I would throw it up here.

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Best fret leveller: bits of angle iron. Level your frets under string tension, and it's dirt cheap. Thread with pics:


This has probably been discussed somewhere in the forum before, but if you have a cylindrical radius on your fretboard, in essence these angle irons will put a slight compound radius to your frets. Correct?

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It's very sturdy. The extruded construction makes a very sturdy structure even though the walls are fairly thin. I find both of mine to be very handy for all kinds of sanding tasks.

I have used the Great Planes Easy Touch bar sanders- I agree- they work great and best of all they dont cost anywhere near what some of the other popular luthier supply shops sell bar levelers for. I know I paid less than $20 for the 22" and less than $10 for the 11". I was (somewhat) doubtful about these (based on price alone- how could something so affordable be good right?)after seeing how expensive the stew mac ones were. I think I first saw these on Kathy Matsushita's site.

I keep an eye on mine and check with a straight edge that I know is true. So far they have been thru minimal wear and tear (5 fret board levelings and 5 new fret levels) and they have been in the garage thru 2 winters and 2 summers (Georgia) and they are still dead flat. So far so good- based on that- I can only recommend these.

Scott (now formerly out of 2 year lurker mode)

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