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Will This Work?

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I'm making the neck for my first guitar out of three pieces of maple. I have seven G clamps but three of them are too small to hold all three pieces, so I was wondering if it would be possible (without causing any problems) to glue two of them together and then glue the third one on with less clamps. One of the pieces is slightly warped so I do need all seven for that one.

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I own about 3 dozen clamps.....spool clamps,bar clamps,wood clamps,etc...swing by Harbor Freight and you can buy alot of camps for a little money...

Clamps are the one tool you can never have enough of.

I had to build a massive rack to hold all my clamps. Whenever I go to the store I generally find one or two I just cant live without. The more clamping power you have the better life is!

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Yes, clamps are a good tool to invest in. I probably have 30 heavier clamps, maybe 50 spring style (unless you count my kerfing clamps- I have about 150 of those), a couple specialty clamping systems, go bars and vaccume press. It is always nice have enough and the right clamp for the job.

I am not sure how warped that wood is that you mentioned, but you really want to work tward not building tension into a neck. That may very well haunt you down the road. Of all the wood you choose for your build. Be sure the neck wood is the most stable, well dried and aclimated, and as free of locked stress as possible. Proper wood selection and handling is one of the limited niumber of things you can do better than a large low end production factory(they will have better tooling than a hobbiest builder). If you want to work your way up to building a guitar that is better than or at least as good as a $200 import, you best choose your material wisely at a minimum.


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