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What's Wrong With This Picture?

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I dunno... Over $100 bd. ft.? Rift sawn?

Kinda cool looking, but not hard to find that look in Macassar. Also not hard to find closer to quarter. Price around my way is closer to $50-60 bd. ft. (that width is easy to find, wider bits hold premium of maybe 25%).


P.S. It would work for a neck though, I doubt the grain would be an issue with Mac. Eb.

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Thanks Rich. I don't trust my instincts as they're too biased so I thought i'd raise it to scrutiny. ;-D

The piece doesn't look anywhere close to quartersawn to me either. I've not worked with macassar outside of headcap or fingerboard stock so I had to hold judgement on this. I'm not considering buying it however, as my working budget is tied up with flame maple neck blanks. Wasn't too impressed it being billed as "super quartersawn"! Surely "super" implies (if it means anything of course...) a piece cut perpendicular to an especially straight central point, on the outside of a very wide log? That is definitely rift compared to anything quarter, never mind "super".

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