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Hi all.

I've got a special hunk of wood, but it's not quite wide enough to do 2 piece bookmatching, it's plenty thick.. I've been trying to think this one through, but can't get my head wrapped around it. Is there any way to do three board matching?

No matter how you slice it, it seems like you can't match that third board to the others, since you are taking the match out of the middle.

Any suggestions, how have you done it in the past??


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Have you tried to fold a piece of paper. Draw the lines on it and see. You will see that if you cut it into three pieces the ||| it will lay like the paper. One fold at the top, one fold at the bottom

||| ---> /\/ -------> _ _ _

I hope that helps....

Maybe I have lost my mind.

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For a thick piece, if it is not wide enough you can do one out of two things:

- Let it go and get another piece

- Work around it. You can for instance splice a completely different wood between what you got there (the look of a neck through) or enhance the difference, maybe with a small strip of contrasting wood (that way the effect of not perfect book match will be less obvious). Or maybe someone else have more ideas.

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you need to make more pieces than three

aslong as you have an even number you can have a symetric pattern

into four would work for example

bookmatch it bookmatch the halfs put one set inside the other.

what sort of wood is it?

edited: what i wrote before was total nonsense

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