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Building An Odd Shaped Electric Bass Guitar

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The absolutist answer would be "yes it does affect the sound" but not to the point you'd notice it easily. Somebody did a bit of a physics case on the assymetrical Explorer shape and theorised that it reacts to resonances differently. Whatever. Unless you're making a bass which is WAY out there in terms of size, shape or construction - it will sound like a solidbody bass.

As Rick says about the resin construction - materials used will affect sound in a much more pronouced manner than shape on a solidbody.

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I have no eperience but i can't see how using resin would make any difference to the possible shape of the guitar wood is pretty easy stuff to cut and carve compared to making an accurate mold i would have thought.

I don't mean don't do it but your post says you'd rather use wood so i'd use it unless i'm missing something. One day i am going to make a resin guitar as soon as i work out how to make it light enough not to be a total pain! (bubbles in a clear resin would be super cool!)

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Well BC Rich makes clear acrylic guitars, and people seem to dig them. A resin body would probably sound a lot like an acrylic guitar.

But with bass, the body's resonance seems to have more profound effects on tone. Because you're not typically utilizing a lot of effects or overdriven amp channels. With a bass, the tone of the woods in the bass and the pickups chosen is what you're really looking for. I can find tons of differences in tone and response and sustain, depending on the differences between two basses. Dense woods like Mahogany and Maple and Walnut make very bright, midrange-strong basses. Lighter woods like ash and alder and basswood have a deeper resonance for more naturally thick low end.

So is resin going to be a dense or light material? That'll be the most prominent effect on tone. After that, your choice in pickups and electronics will let you tweak the sound of the bass.

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depending on what type of resin results can cary. Usually, I've heard, guitars/basses made of resins are very bright and piercing and sustain forever. Fender has made a few acrylic strats, b.c. rich has made acrylic guitars, and ampeg has. Some say way too much high end and not enough low end while others say they sound quite nice. I say go for it but watch out for how much it will way.

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