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Help With Stewmac

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hi, did anyone tried the maple neck blanks from stewmac?



I think this is my only solution for finding maple for neck.

does anyone have any experience with it?

thanks! :D

I am sure the blanks are well dried and just dandy.

That is certainly not your only option for Maple neck blanks. There are many online wood dealers, some better than others. Your absolute best option is going to be to find a local hardwood dealer and pick up some by selecting it yourself(pick out clear straight grain wood, either well quartered or flat sawn is good) and avoiding shipping costs. Hard Maple retails for about $6-ish dollars a board foot. A neck blank like the one Stew Mac offers are about .75 bd. ft. worth of Maple. Find a local hardwood dealer if you can. Spend $20 and get enough wood for 4 necks, then store away three of those for future projects. You should buy well dried Maple(kiln dried wood is usually very close to what you need, especially if it has been in the store for several months), and give it a month to aclimate to your shop before use(you should do that with any wood you buy, local or shipped).

Grab your phone book and look up hardwood dealers. If you can't find a hardwood dealer, look for cabnet shops in your area(shoot they may even have scrap that would make fine necks.


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Never bought from him, but this guy often has some great looking maple


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