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Need To Find Tuners For 1976 Ibanez Lp Custom

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I need to find either some replacement tuners or parts (ie worm gear and maybe pinion gear) for a 1976 Ibanez LP custom. The current tuners gears are worn and they no longer work properly.

The owner of the guitar would like them to look like the original ones.

This is what the tuners look like, they have a bushing in the front and are screwed in from the back.


It's covered, but not sealed. This is what the inside looks like.


The worm gear/tuning button slip out of that metal band deal thats holding it in place, so it would be easy to replace if I could find a replacement part.

Anybody know where to look? and should I be looking for new tuners that look like these, or replacement parts for the existing ones?

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They are pretty common in cheaper guitars, epiphone was a big user and i have an acoustic with the same tuners.

That worm gear looks very worn compared to the tuners i have sitting here.

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