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Rustoleum Paiters Touch

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Also, could I use nitrocellulose clear over th top of it? I am new to this so thanks in advance for your help!

I use them frequently. The mixes seem more stable than Krylon and the clear buffs out nicely. Two important notes!

1. Wait at least two weeks to rub it out. I have my bodies hanging in a cage with 2 fans constantly moving air in my garage and it still takes 2-3 weeks, even for acrylic to harden correctly

2. You absolutely cannot use Nitrocellose on top of it UNLESS - you wait about 3 weeks, then add 5-10 coats of varnish-based sealer which will totally change the tonality because by then you'll have about 1/4" of finish on the guitar :D Been there - done that.

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you cant use laquer on anything but laquer. but you can use anything ontop of laquer.

Not entirely true. You can use lacquer just fine over shellac. Also lacquer is too general of a term some acrylic lacquers work just fine with nitro lacquers. Others cause severe imcompatability issues. Testing is always the best way to go.

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It's best to stick with a single type and brand for your whole project. That way there won't be any problems.


Generally speaking, sealers are fairly safe to use underneath the main finish. Ihocky2 pointed out that shellac works well under lacquer. Bob Flexner points out that shellac is very commonly used as a sealer under just about everything.

Flexner also points out that every type of finish seals the wood, so a sealing coat isn't necessary, but is sometimes desirable. In the end, it's largely a matter of personal preference whether a sealer is used or not. Unless you're doing an oil finish, of course.

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