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Killswitch Clicks


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I installed a Buckethead-style killswitch on my guitar, but it clicks too much to be usable. Is there a way of eliminating the clicks?

The click is loudest on the first press, gets a little quieter on the subsequent presses, but never goes away completely.

Of note: it's an old mechanical momentary button --that is, when you press the button, it presses the two contacts together. The newer type I've seen appear to have a different mechanism.

Right now I have one contact wired to the hot lead on the jack, the other contact is grounded with the other grounds on a pot. Would it help any to move the ground to the jack as well?

Or should I just get one of the newer types that I've seen?

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Sounds like some switch bounce is occuring, where it makes intermitent contact as its being pressed until fully depressed.

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I bought a pack of these from RadioShack, but haven't wired them up yet. You can probably find them at your store-equivalent.

Unless that's the one you bought, and you're having issues with it, in which case we're both screwed :D

Yep, that's the 'new' kind I was talking about....the thing I have came out of a modified Mattel soundfx toy from the early 80s...but I don't know where I'd find the Radio Shack kind over here, the nearest electronics shop is in Paris...

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You tried www.maplin.co.uk?

Might be a bit too expensive ordering from the UK though. Is there nowhere on the continent you can order from (Germany, perhaps)?

I'm trying to figure out what it might be called in French. But I can always ask my dad to pop into a Radio Shack for me! There's no rush and it wouldn't cost much to have it mailed here.

I think this might be it ....I'll have a look around -- maybe in an automotive place?

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