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Do You Need A Truss Rod

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I just decided not to put an adjustable truss rod in my daughter's guitar, because it's going to be a 22 1/2" scale neck with only 21 frets. But I wouldn't leave out some sort of truss rod even on a short mahogany neck with wenge laminates. So I'm going to put a 1/8X3/8" carbon rod where the truss rod would go, and two 1/4" x 1/4" carbon fiber rods lateral to that.

You don't absolutely need an adjustable truss rod, but it sure increases the likelyhood you'll be able to set up the guitar with a nice action after it's done.



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Right, not all guitars need it... classical guitars have much lower tension, etc... But tux91, I assume you're building a traditional solidbody electric. I see no reason to go with a non-adjustable rod when adjustable ones are readily available. The neck will change over time, from string tension and changes in humidity/temperature etc, so adjustable is a good idea.

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I have a bass with no truss also, but the neck is a modulus graphite neck so it is not built as most necks are. It does have adjustment in the pocket, but this is only a tilt adjustment. Graphite is not effected by normal changes in humidity as wood will be, and does not creep over time under tension. The neck is designed to remain sufficiently rigid under tension, and the materials are selected to keep it that way. It is a risky method that needs serious attension to these details if you make a neck this way. A much smarter approach if you don't have this dialed in and have a particular reason for wanting this in a neck. Is to go with a good quality double acting truss rod. Even if I use some carbon fiber reinforcements I use a truss, it would have to be a full on carbon fiber neck if I considered no truss(even then I don't see a disadvantage in having the truss).


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I wouldn't really use Wishbass as a gold standard for anything....

I don't know that I would even use one as a bass. Maybe a canoe paddle.. If it had a trussrod.

I don't mean to get too down on the guy- he's been able to make a living doing what he loves, and with what he charges, he's not taking anyone for a ride, but it seems to me a classic case of making excuses for not being able or willing to do better.

Sure, you might get away with not using one, but you also might be ok with a beat up old hondo from a yard sale.

If you're going make the effort to build a neck, it's just ten bucks extra and a little more time to put a trussrod in it.

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