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One Of My Favorite Finishes

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if you cant find a tutorial you might try this

use a sanding sponge and sand with the grain http://www.3mestore.com/70070588614.html

i used one once and wasn't happy didn't mean for that to happen it removed the softer grain much faster than the harder wood and left something that looked like that. i ended up having to use filler to fix it any way then like fryovanni black die and oil

hey try this on a scrap piece first and see if you get the desired effect. like i said i came up with th defined wood grain like that on accident.

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I have tried both sand blasting and rotating wire brushes to get that surface. I wasn't really happy with either of the results. The surface was way to rough. But I was going for a drift wood look.

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I guess it varies what will work from piece to piece - finding the balance between abrading all the wood and just the soft. I did this very well on some scrap ash I have, with 000 wire wool which was just about right to not gouge. 0000 would perhaps do the same job, albeit slower with softer transitions.

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