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Oh...so you are obviously the luckiest man in the world...good to meet you...

I still order from them,they are very reliable...just not with email.

You have no idea ...

There was an issue with one of the fretboards being out of stock and so they tried to call me, but I wasn't home. So the customer rep sent me an email to straighten it out. I got back with the order adjustments around 4:30 and they still shipped out that day. Yes, complete with email. Unreal. :D We are way beyond luck here.

But seriously, that is how it worked for me. Maybe they are just trying to impress the newbie, but it is not like I mind. More likely is the note on the shopping cart page that indicates ASAP shipping is now standard for orders in the lower 48. Perhaps that is a recent change? Maybe the fact the order hit a snag got me an upgrade to expedited service. In any event I better head to AC this weekend before the luck wears off.

Nice to meet you too.

Have Fun!

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