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Wah Pedal Is Not Working

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Hey guys,

well I've got this GCB-95 that I bought for cheap off a friend who said it didn't work. As far as I can tell there's no damage to the pcb board and all the components work, but I think my friend messed up the switch wiring.

Here's what the switch is like (from left to right, top to bottom of the switch)

1-Green, which connects to the wiring harness

2-Two blue, one which goes to the pot and the other to the wiring harness

3-Yellow, which goes to a capacitor on the board

4-Purple which goes to the wiring harness

5-Red, connects this and the next node together.

I figured it must be a switch problem because when the effect is switched off it works like a normal bypass, however, when I switch it on it just cuts the signal completely.

Sorry about the lack of pictures, I don't know any quick hosting sites. Any help would be awesome :D

I trolled google earth for a picture of the original gcb-95 switch wiring but couldn't find any, which I thought was really weird.

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Haha make sure your plugged into it right! I had the same problem and realized that I was just going in through the out and out through the in jack. And this was after I took it in to the store to see what was wrong with it. Embarassing to say the least haha :D

Uh yeah, that's also a good point! :D

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